Friday, October 27, 2023


Practicing Tactics is one of the best ways to improve your Tournament Results.
Below are the Links in Lichess portal for Tactics Practice.

1. Basic Tactics - here you can practice various positions of Checkmates, Basic Tactics, Intermediate Tactics, Pawn Endgames & Rook Endgames.

2. Puzzles - here several positions are displayed in which you can solve the Tactics. Set the Difficulty level to "Easiest" to start with.

3. Puzzle Streak - solve progressively harder puzzles to build a winning streak.

4. Puzzle Storm - solve Tactics with a Time Control.

5. Puzzle Racer - this is a fun game mode in which you compete with other players to solve Tactics as fast as possible.

6. Puzzle Dashboard - analyze your progress in working on Tactics.

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