Monday, June 1, 2020

10 Tips to get the maximum benefit from your Online Chess Classes

You have enrolled for the online Chess class, but are you ready for it? What are the best strategies for studying chess online?

1. Make sure that you have a good Internet connection.
2. Use a dedicated study space which is quiet, distraction free and brightly lit.
3. Understand online learning practices and expectations and concentrate during the class.
4. Identify your learning objectives and goals, take notes, do the assignments and review previous class notes.
5. Prepare a study plan, note the class timings, never miss any class and login on time for the class.
6. Ask questions if you don't understand what is being taught, search online for more details and build a relationship with your online Coach.
7. Review, Revise, Repeat the topics that you have learnt; also if possible prepare a little before the class.
8. Learn the online coaching tool, becoming familiar with the tool (such as Zoom) will help you to effectively go through the class.
9. Participate in the online class, be proactive, be respectful and maintain a positive presence in the class. 
10. Stay motivated, be fully committed to your online course. 

Follow these study tips for learning Chess and you will be able to make your online learning a fun and enjoyable eLearning experience.

Best Center for White and Black

In the beginning of the game, it is very important to control the Center of the chessboard with your pawns.
Below is the best Center for White since both pawns on e4 & d4 occupy 2 squares of the center and control the other 2 squares.

Below is the best Center for Black since both pawns on e5 & d5 occupy 2 squares of the center and control the other 2 squares.