Sunday, October 31, 2010

Youngest ever Chess GM

The record for the youngest ever Chess Grandmaster is held by Sergey Karjakin of Ukraine when he achieved the title in 2002 at the age of 12 years and 7 months.

The youngest ever female player to achieve the Grandmaster title is Hou Yifan of China in 2008 at the age of 14 years and 6 months.

The youngest Indian Grandmaster is Parimarjan Negi when he achieved the title in 2001 at the age of 13 years and 142 days.

Youngest ever GMs
==Name== :: ==Country== :: ==Age== :: ==Year Achieved==
Sergey Karjakin :: Ukraine :: 12 years 7 months :: 2002
Bu Xiangzhi :: China :: 13 years 10 months 13 days :: 1999
Ruslan Ponomariov :: Ukraine :: 14 years 17 days :: 1997
Etienne Bacrot :: France :: 14 years 2 months :: 1997
Peter Leko :: Hungary :: 14 years 4 months 22 days :: 1994
Judit Polgar :: Hungary :: 15 years 4 months 28 days :: 1991
Bobby Fischer :: USA :: 15 years 6 months 1 day :: 1958

Youngest ever woman player to be GM
==Name== :: ==Country== :: ==Age== :: ==Year Achieved==
Hou Yifan :: China :: 14 years 6 months :: 2008
Koneru Humpy :: India :: 15 years 1 month :: 2002

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Magnus wins Nanjing Super GM Chess Tournament

Magnus Carlsen won the Nanjing 2010 super-GM tournament with an unbeaten score of 7 points in 10 games. He had been the winner previously in 2009 and this year the win was more convincing with a round to spare.

World Champion Vishy Anand came second with 6 points while Etienne Bacrot was third with 5 points.

The tournament was a 10 round double round-robin event in which each player played every other player twice with alternate colours.

Official Tournament Site
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Monday, October 25, 2010

GM Alik Gershon breaks simul World Record

GM Alik Gershon of Israel created a Guinness Record for maximum number of simul games. He played 523 players in Rabin square in Tel Aviv, Iran and won 454 games, 58 draws and just 11 losses (86% in total) which met the required 80% norm to the Guinness record. The event lasted 18 hours and 30 minutes and this achievement is all the more remarkable since it was in the 30 plus degrees of highly humid summer of Tel Aviv.

The players were from all ages with the youngest at 5 and oldest at 84 years. The event was organized by the Israeli Chess Federation with the co-operation of Tel Aviv municipality to celebrate 20 years of blessed Aliya from the former Soviet Union and its contribution to life.

Watch a video of this event in YouTube below

Kramnik wins Shanghai-Bilbao Chess Masters

Vladimir Kramnik scored a tremendous victory at the Shanghai-Bilbao Chess Masters tournament. World Champion Vishy Anand came second and Magnus Carlsen was third in this 6 round double all-play-all event.

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Saturday, October 9, 2010


En-Passant is a special rule only for pawns. One pawn --> on starting Rank --> for its first move, it moves 2 squares Opponent pawn --> 2 Ranks away & on the next File --> can capture The only condition is that it must be captured when you have the chance to do so. You cannot capture En-Passant after playing some other move in-between. En-Passant on Wiki

Rules of Chess

The official Rules of Chess as per the FIDE Handbook is below: