Saturday, August 1, 2015

Good Knight vs Bad Bishop

The Black Bd7 is bad because it is blocked by its own pawns.
Step 1: Improve the position of the King and include it in the fight.
1. Kf2 Ke7
1... Kf7 black tries to bring the king to f5 2. Ke2! Kg6 3. Ne3! this controls f5 3... Kg5 4. g3! Black king is stopped and white king walks to queenside 4... Kg6 5. Kd3 Kf7 6. Kd4 Ke7 7. Kc5 Kd8 8. Kb6 Bc8 9. Nc2 Kd7 10. Nb4! winning the a6-pawn
2. Ke3 Kd8 
3. Kd4 Kc7
4. Kc5 white has reached his first aim: The dominance of his king over opponent`s king
4... Bc8
5. Nb4 Bb7
6. g3! not allowing d4 Bc8
7. Nd3 Bd7
8. Nf4! aims for h5. The knight attacks will bring the black pawns forward 
8... g6 
9. Nh3! aims for Ng5 h6
10. Nf4 g5
11. Nh5 Be8 
12. Nf6 Bf7
12... Bd7?? 13. Nxd7 Kxd7 14. Kb6
13. Ng4! h5
14. Ne3 Bg6 now the bishop is free. But it doesn`t help very much 
15. h4! this fixes the pawn h5 gxh4
15... g4 16. Ng2 Be8 17. Nf4 Bf7 18. b4 with Zugzawng
16. gxh4 now there is a third weakness on h5 Be4 
black bishop tries to hinder the knight coming to f4 
17. Nf1 Bf3
18. Nd2 Be2
19. Nb3! this way, using the weakness on e6, he will reach f4 Bg4
20. Nd4 Bh3 black cannot hold the control over e2 
21. Ne2 Bf5
22. Nf4! now the knight attacks both pawn weaknesses Bg4
23. b4! Zugzwang! Kd7 black gives up the king opposition 
24. Kb6 now a6 is lost Bf3
25. Kxa6 now another pawn gets lost, either b5 or e6 
Black Resigned
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