Thursday, August 29, 2013

Rules of Tournament Chess

1. Basic Rules of Chess apply.
2. Touch and Move rule to be strictly followed.
3. For Swiss league, all players to play all the rounds, irrespective of win or loss. Final results are as per the total points gained at the end of the tournament.
For Knockout, players who win will progress to the next level.
4. In case of points tie, tiebreak will be applied as per the arbiter's decision (either Progressive or SB).
5. For any doubts, ask the Arbiter, do not discuss with other players.
6. Recording the moves may or may not be mandatory. Check the tournament rules.
7. Never interfere with another game in progress. Observe from far away, do not go near the players. Never comment anything near the players.
8. Turn off your mobile phone or keep it in silent mode.
9. Understand how to use a chess clock; as the Arbiter if you have doubts.
10. After your game is over, submit the proper results to the Arbiter.

FIDE HandBook  
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