Thursday, January 27, 2011

Vera Menchik

Vera Menchik was the first Women's World Chess Champion.

She was born in Moscow on 16th February 1906. She leart chess from her father and by the age of 15 had won the British girls championship. In 1927 she won the first Womens World Championship at London (representing Russia) and successfully defended the title 6 times; during this she had an awesome record of 78 wins, 4 draws and only 1 loss!

Geza Maroczy was her coach during her formative years. She defeated several famous players including Sultan Khan, Reshevsky, Lazard, Samisch, Euwe, Colle, Becker, Golombek, Book, Mieses and Baratz. Her greatest Tournament success was at Ramsgate 1929, when she tied for second with Rubinstein (Capablanca was first).

She was married to Rufus Henry Streatfeild Stevenson and died in a tragic rocket bombing raid during World War II.

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