Saturday, September 4, 2010

Carlsen beats Anand

Magnus Carlsen continued his fantastic run of victories with yet another first place at the Arctic Securities Chess Stars tournament.

In the final, he defeated World Champion Anand 1.5 – 0.5 in a set of 2 rapid games (20m+10s). Though Anand had impressed in the qualifying games, this result was a setback for Anand after winning the World Championship against Topalov.

In the first game, playing Black, Anand set up a solid structure in the opening, but later blundered a pawn. Anand was stuck with a very passive position which Carlsen skillfully converted to a full point in his favour.

The second game had Anand with White, but he could not make much progress against Carlsen’s defense and agreed to a draw on move 28.

Click here for a detailed report
Download all games of the Final in PGN

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