Saturday, July 17, 2010

Matthew Sadler

Matthew Sadler is one of the strongest Grandmasters from England.

Though he took up chess relatively late in life, he quickly proved his brilliance. His first best result was winning the British championship at the age of 21; thereafter he regularly figured among the top results in British and World Chess events.

He was also a successful writer and authored several famous books and magazine articles. His book 'Queens Gambit declined' won the Book of the Year award from British Chess Federation.

Matthew quit professional chess and opted for an IT career in Holland. After quite a gap, he again returned to chess this year to play in the Rapid tournament where he won with 7/7 over other prominent grandmasters.

Earlier this month, he won the ROC Nova College weekend tournament at Haarlem in Holland with a score of 5/6.

Click here for a report on the ROC Nova College tournament

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