Monday, April 26, 2010

Study composed by Smyslov

White to play and win

Solution: 1.Bb1! [1.Nb1 a1Q+ 2.Kb5 Qa2-+ ; 1.g7 a1Q+ 2.Kb5 Qg1 3.f6= ] 1...a1Q+ 2.Kb5 Bg3 [=2...Qa3 3.g7+- ] 3.g7 Bb8! 4.g8(B)!! [4.g8Q Qa4+ 5.Kxa4 =] 4...Bf4 5.Bga2 Bxd2 [=5...Be5 6.Ne4 Kb8 7.Kc6 Bg7(=7...Kc8 8.f6 Kd8 9.Kb7+- )8.f6 Bf8 9.Nd6! Qxb1 10.Bxb1 Ka8 11.Kc7 Be7 12.Kc8 Bd8 13.Ba2 b1(Q) 14.Bd5+ Qb7+ 15.axb7# ] 6.f6! Bf4 7.f7 Bd6 8.Kc6 Bf8 9.Kc7+-

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