Monday, March 15, 2021

Opening Repertoire for Beginner Chess Players

In my experience as a Chess coach, the below Openings (with variations) are the best choice to prepare a Repertoire for Beginner Chess players.
The variations are selected due to their similarity in Pawn structure.
The ECO Codes are in Blue color.

Playing as White
1. Giuoco Piano Bd2 Main Line C53
2. Giuoco Piano Nc3 Gambit Line with 9....Ne5 C54
3. Giuoco Piano Nc3 Gambit Line with 9....Bf6 C54
4. Four Knights opening C49
5. Scotch opening C44
6. Smith-Morra Gambit B20
7. Kings Gambit Accepted C33
8. Ruy Lopez Modern variation C71
9. Sicilian Alapin variation B22
10. French defense Exchange variation C01
11. Caro-Kann defense Exchange variation B13
12. Pirc Defense Modern variation B07
13. Alekhine Defense Main line B04
14. Center-Counter defense B01
15. Philidor defense C41
16. Modern defense B06

Playing as Black
1. Two Knights Defense C55
2. Kings Gambit Declined C30
3. Ruy Lopez Exchange variation C68
4. Queens Gambit Declined Tartakower variation D59
5. English opening A10
6. Reti opening A04

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