Saturday, January 21, 2017

Isolated Pawn

An Isolated Pawn is a weakness in the Middlegame and Endgame since it needs to be protected by pieces constantly.
Below is a Grandmaster game in which White systematically builds pressure over the isolated pawn.
White: V. Topalov
Black: G. Kamsky
12. O-O Ne7 13. Nf3 O-O 14. Qd3 Qd7 15. Rd1 Rfd8 16. Be3 a517. g3 h6 18. Bb6 Rdc8 19. Bd4 Bc5 20. Bc3 Bb4 21. Be5 Bd6 22. Rd2 Be5 23. Ne5 Qd6 24. Re1 Rc7 25. Qf3 Rf8 26. Kg2 Rb7 27. h4 Qb4 28. Ree2 Qa4 29. b3 Qb4 30. Nd3 Qd6 31. h5 Rc7 32. Nf4 d4 33. Re4 Nc6 34. Nd3 Rd8 35. Rc2 Nb4 36. Nb4 ab4 37. Rd4 captures the Isolated Pawn
White won on the 55th move

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