Monday, January 4, 2016

How to analyse any position in Chess

  1. Material - To check the number of pieces and pawns on the board.
  2. Pawn weaknesses - Whether White or Black has weak pawns (doubled, isolated, backward, hanging).
  3. Weak squares and strong squares – Whether White or Black has weaksquares and strong squares (usually in the centre).
  4. Knight must try to control and occupy strong squares.
  5. Bishops -> Open diagonals (especially pointing towards enemy King).
  6. Rooks -> Open Files -> Double the Rooks -> 7th Rank.
  7. Whether the Middle Game or Endgame is better for White and Black.
  8. Is your King or the enemy King in a weak position?
  9. Are there any checks?
  10. Are there any captures?

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