Saturday, December 6, 2014

Minor Piece Endgames

Endgames wherein Bishops and Knights are on the board are called Minor Piece Endgames
Below is a very simple Position with White to Play and Win
1. a6 Ba2
2. Kd4! Bd5
3. Kxd5

In a slightly different Position with White to Play, this time it will be a Draw because the Black Bishop can capture the Pawn.
1. a6 Ba4!
2. Kc5 Bd1!
3. a7 Bf3
4. Kb6 Bg2
5. Kc7 Bf3
6. Kb8 Bg2
7. a8(Q) Bxa8
8. Kxa8

More useful Links: Wiki, TCW
Below is an instructive Video

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