Monday, October 25, 2010

GM Alik Gershon breaks simul World Record

GM Alik Gershon of Israel created a Guinness Record for maximum number of simul games. He played 523 players in Rabin square in Tel Aviv, Iran and won 454 games, 58 draws and just 11 losses (86% in total) which met the required 80% norm to the Guinness record. The event lasted 18 hours and 30 minutes and this achievement is all the more remarkable since it was in the 30 plus degrees of highly humid summer of Tel Aviv.

The players were from all ages with the youngest at 5 and oldest at 84 years. The event was organized by the Israeli Chess Federation with the co-operation of Tel Aviv municipality to celebrate 20 years of blessed Aliya from the former Soviet Union and its contribution to life.

Watch a video of this event in YouTube below

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