Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Gelfand wins Leon Rapid Tournament

Gelfand beat Aronian to win the Leon Rapid Tournament that concluded last week. The tournament was a 4 player rapid knock-out that was organized in northern Spain.

In the Semi-Finals, Boris Gelfand (representing Israel) defeated local favorite Vallejo Pons while Levan Aronian (Armenia) defeated Lenier Dominguez (Cuba).

The Final was the best-of-4 games rapid match. After 2 draws, Aronian won the 3rd game. However, he blundered in a drawn position in the last game, lost the game and the match went into a Blitz tiebreak.

In the blitz playoff, Gelfand won the first game with white pieces. Aronian launched a desperate attack in the second, but left his king exposed and Gelfand won the second game as well.

With this victory, Gelfand confirmed his credentials as a world class match player in Blitz chess.

Click here to download all the games in PGN

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